Source: State Development Corporation of Thuringia

The use of health data promises great potential for medicine and research, however the protection of personal data is extremely important in this area. The aim of the BMBF-funded project AVATAR is to resolve such contradictions by anonymizing patient-related data records and merging them into so-called avatars. The research institutions, clinics and healthcare companies cooperating in the project aim to make an important contribution to improving patient health in the long term.

Project aims: 

  • Development of new procedures for anonymizing patient data for research, development and application 
  • Simplifcation of data requests and data donation for legally compliant data use
  • Education on the benefits of donating health data, creating incentives for data donation

Avatar Use Cases:

  • Support basic and clinical research
  • Accelerated, cost-effective development and and authorization of new devices
  • Improved monitoring of medical devices (data utilisation for post-market surveillance) 

AVATAR is part of the BMBF-funded research network Anonymisierung für eine sichere Datennutzung (anonymization for a secure data usage), in which a total of five competence clusters and 17 projects are driving forward the development of anonymization methods in order to improve technical data protection and promote data-based innovations.

Funding period: 11/2022-10/2025, Funding code: 16KISA011K