AVATAR Project

A BMBF project to Anonymise personal health data by generating digital avatars in the field of medicine and care.

A large amount of data is currently available, but cannot be utilised, particularly in the healthcare sector, due to existing data protection requirements. Our motivation in the project is to resolve this contradiction through a new anonymisation approach and to be able to use available data for better patient care, innovative product developments and efficient and short development times.

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Open Science Lab

Open Science Labs represent a new approach to scientific research and collaboration. These labs aim to create an environment in which data, research methods and results are openly shared and accessible to all, regardless of geographical or institutional boundaries.


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News & Dates

Read the latest news from our AVATAR project here and find out all about upcoming dates, the latest releases and everything else to do with AVATAR. You can find all the latest news and dates in our news overview. Older events can be found in the archive.

Working Paper "Datenspende von Gesundheitsdaten – Nutzen, Risiken und Perspektiven"

Im Working Paper "Datenspende von Gesundheitsdaten – Nutzen, Risiken und Perspektiven" stellt ein interdisziplinäres Autorenteam aus den Konsortium vor, was sich hinter dem Begriff der Datenspende verbirgt und welche Relevanz sie für unsere Gesellschaft hat.

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Großes AVATAR-Verbundtreffen in Berlin - jetzt anmelden!

Am 21. August findet unsere diesjährige Jahresversammlung mit den Verbundprojekten NEMO, PATH, MEDINYM und KI-AIM im Fraunhofer-Forum in Berlin statt. Dabei werden Vorträge der Projektpartner und interaktive Workshops Einblicke in den aktuellen Forschungsstand geben und zum Netzwerken einladen. Die…

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AVATAR als Thüringer Erfolgsgeschichte auf der InnoCON 2024

"Wissen teilen. Innovationen schaffen." – das war das Motto der InnoCON 2024 in Weimar. Das AVATAR-Projektkonsortium war durch die koordinierenden Netzwerke InfectoGnostics Forschungscampus Jena, medways e.V. und ITnet Thüringen vertreten und stellte sich auf dem InnoMARKT vor.

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InnoCon Thüringen 2024: Transfer X Thüringen – Wissen teilen. Innovationen schaffen.

Am 15. Mai 2024 lädt das Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft und das Thüringer ClusterManagement zur InnoCON Thüringen 2024 ein. Unter dem Motto „TransferXThüringen: Wissen teilen. Innovationen schaffen.“ wird Ihnen die Möglichkeit gegeben, sich eingehend…

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Ask the lawyer

In the AVATAR project, we attach great importance to data security and the legal framework of our work. That is why we work closely with numerous lawyers and provide answers to pressing questions.


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AVATAR statements

In our AVATAR statements section you will find current, project-related statements on problems or research results from our project. We would like to invite you to discuss these findings with us in a lively and controversial manner.


Our hearing functions through an interplay between the performance of our ears and the auditory processing in our brain. However, health data from neurology or ENT specialists, which could be used to better treat hearing loss, has so far remained largely inaccessible to hearing aid acousticians. AVATAR enables us to use anonymised data from related disciplines in order to gain a holistic picture of the patient and thus improve hearing rehabilitation.

Portrait Dr. Juliane Dettling-Papargyris
Dr. Juliane Dettling-Papargyris Scientific Director of the terzo Institute for Applied Hearing Research

EEG data contains many person-specific signals that can be used to re-identify patients. The amount of EEG data sets that are actually available for research is therefore currently completely inadequate. In the AVATAR project, we are therefore developing anonymisation procedures that make it easier to use EEG data in science and exchange it between clinics. Effective anonymisation is essential in order to advance research in this area and thus improve monitoring and therapy.

Portrait Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Haueisen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Haueisen Head of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMTI) at Ilmenau University of Technology

Project partners

Get to know all the AVATAR project partners here. In addition to universities and biotech companies, these include law firms and research clusters from Thuringia.

Five randomly selected partners are shown above. All other partners and a description of their tasks and role in the AVATAR project can be found on the Partners page.


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